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    Green Pebble's website has a handy Wishlist feature. This allows visitors to save their favourite items. No more searching for that elusive image you loved so much but didn't write down - click on the heart next to the item's title, add it to your wishlist, and when you're ready, 'add to cart' from within your wishlist.

    Do I need to be logged into an account to add to a new Wishlist?
    No. You can start a Wishlist at any time when shopping on our website, but if you want to be able to view it the next time you visit, you will need to save it into an account.

    Can I view my Wishlist account from various devices?
    Yes. As long as you have a Wishlist account, it will sync with your devices.

    Can I share my Wishlist with my friends and family?
    Yes. Just click on 'Share Wishlist' from within your Wishlist account.

    Where Do I find My Wishlist folder?
    At the top of every page you will find 'Wishlist' in the headings.