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    Our Artists

    Agnieszka Kaminska

    Find out more about Agnieszka Kaminska

    Painting is my greatest passion. l have painted and drawn since I was a little, my school books were full of doodles. I always wanted to be an artist, so I went to Art School and gained a Master Degree in Painting. I moved to the UK from Poland and I dream about moving with my art to a studio at the seaside. I like using strong colours and bright, smooth texture for my artworks. My paintings style is (just like me) a little bit naive and childish, a bit quirky and folkloristic. I am always tr...

    Amie Haslen

    Find out more about Amie Haslen

    I am a painter, printmaker and self-confessed neat freak. This proves difficult as I share a studio with my talented but untidy Dad! Our garden studio overlooks a pond and the rolling valley beyond. I draw inspiration from this land, my garden, and the creatures that share our home - two handsome Bengal cats and three mad spaniels. When I went away to study Fine Art at Aberystwyth University, I was struck by the dramatic ruggedness of Wales, which was the motivation behind my work there. Foll...

    Anne Townshend

    Find out more about Anne Townshend

    On the east coast where I live and work, inspiration is everywhere. Gentle countryside, unspoiled river valleys, the atmospheric long shingle beaches and peaceful marshlands. I can often be found cycling around my local lanes armed with a sketchbook, gathering ideas for my next linoprint. Back in my studio I carve the design into lino block, then use my cast iron Albion press (which has been with me since the beginning of my printmaking journey!) to make my prints. Making my art is my pleasur...

    Bev Davies

    Find out more about Bev Davies

    Since leaving art college in 1990 I have worked as a glass artist in a family business making bespoke chandeliers. I have only recently returned to my love of painting and am particularly captivated by cheeky animal faces that make me wonder what they are thinking. I always use muted tones and a limited palette; I want my work to quietly talk to you and maybe at the same time make you smile. I am naturally unconventional with my composition and the way in which I use the watercolours with pen...

    Bill Smith

    Find out more about Bill Smith

    In many ways I am a romantic painter but also like the industrial energy of L.S.Lowry and the tension and space of Edward Hopper. Since childhood I have been fascinated with railways and motoring. As a result, the major impetus behind a great deal of my work is the memory of childhood which, like dreams, is in full colour. Looking at black and white photographs from the past fires my memories of industrial Britain, vintage motor racing, and railways under steam. By setting the drawing out on ...

    Carol Lander

    Find out more about Carol Lander

    I was born in Kent, but Cornwall is my spiritual home. I always knew I would be an artist, though it has taken a long time getting here! I left school,  married and had my daughter early; life had other plans. But Cornwall makes artists, and whatever I found myself doing, the light and the landscape and atmosphere got into me. And I became an artist. I make my multi-coloured linoprints in my studio at home, and live happily with my partner. My lovely daughter is nearby. Editor's Note: We...

    Caroline Barker

    Find out more about Caroline Barker

    The two great interests in my life have been wildlife and art. I studied Botany at university; however, wherever I have lived I have always been to art classes, including a part time year at Reigate Collage of Art and Design studying calligraphy. When we moved to Devon in 2006, I decided to take my artistic side more seriously and joined Pressgang, a local printmakers group. I have enjoyed experimenting with different techniques and have found that I like making linocuts and collagraphs th...

    Caryl Challis

    Find out more about Caryl Challis

    After breakfast I escape to my studio with my cat, Willie, where I heat up the wax pot, select mood music for the day, then settle down to work. Batik is a resist method of dyeing; hot wax, applied to the cloth or paper, blocks those areas so dye is unable to penetrate. Waxing and dyeing are alternated until the desired effect is achieved. The processes I follow constantly lead me in new directions and I have been exploring its potential for the past thirty years. I’m inspired by my local lan...

    Cath Read

    Find out more about Cath Read

    I live in Bristol in a house with an unusually large walled garden, fruit trees and chickens. In this city oasis, my studio is a converted ex-air-raid shelter. As a child I loved drawing and painting and early on could get a likeness in a portrait, which seems to be why people told me I was good at art. At my first college, Yeovil in Somerset, I found that I loved painting and sculpture and so specialised in Fine Art.  I have always enjoyed encouraging others in their art and worked in Commun...

    Catriona Hall

    Find out more about Catriona Hall

    Although left-facing, whiskerless, short-legged and rather portly, I hope my subjects are identifiable, if somewhat stylized and their poses unlikely. I have yet to see a curlew riding a cow, but I live in hope and have seen three crows pecking for lice on a sheep (which doesn’t seem quite so romantic). I worry for the cattle, sheep, curlews and lapwings that roam the moors outside my studio in the Peak District as they look a bit skinny compared to my acrylic renderings. Perhaps I layer t...

    Chris Williamson

    Find out more about Chris Williamson

    I primarily work in oil on panel, although I have been known to work on paper, walls, canvas and computer. Envelopes as well, on the back. Utilising photo and sketch references - on-site where possible - I have also recently started using an iPad. Cool. All those tools in one box!. My early work was based on the hills and landscape surrounding my home. However, I am drawn to the sea and try to visit the coast for a beer and inspiration when time and finance allows. As you can see, I quite lik...

    Claire Brierley

    Find out more about Claire Brierley

    I work in an attic studio in Stratford Upon Avon, where I love to create colourful, quirky acrylic paintings. With a large imagination and a love of bold colour and shape, I am inspired by the countryside,  the coast and Country Living magazine. I also take on animal and house commissions for people who fancy a portrait with a difference; maybe a rabbit in a bow tie, a cat in a party hat or a dog dressed as a witch? Yes, I’ve had one of those, complete with green wig and tutu!  Contact Inf...

    Claire Cockayne

    Find out more about Claire Cockayne

    I live and work in the Fens in East Anglia. With such beautiful surroundings on my doorstep, natural form is a primary source of inspiration for me. I work intuitively and allow the element of chance to play a key role in my prints whilst I manipulate the process. I like to work in a free and experimental way, creating images incorporating pattern, still life and natural forms. When a situation hits me strongly, I remember everything about it. I then try to recapture the place, memory and f...

    Claire McCall

    Find out more about Claire McCall

    I think of myself as a modern impressionist artist and paint almost exclusively using a palette knife. Originally, I picked up the palette knife to loosen my painting technique. I actually love the loss of control that the knife provides, and the application of thick oil paint with its buttery texture. I enjoy capturing light and movement in my work, playing on the drama between abstraction and realism with layers of rich colour and texture. My works often feature everyday moments, with the v...

    Cyndi Speer

    Find out more about Cyndi Speer

    With so much of my time spent either painting in the studio or being out and about collecting ‘visual imagery’ (either with photography or ‘on the spot sketches’), always the very first thing that I like to do is to take our two dogs for a lovely long walk. The fresh air and delight at being in amongst the beautiful countryside always injects me with energy and new ideas. These ideas progress from small sketches to large canvases that give me freedom with no restrictions. I love to capture mo...

    David Alderslade

    Find out more about David Alderslade

    I live in a caravan on the edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, near to the ancient megalithic sites of Avebury and Stonehenge. Spending much of my time exploring the landscape, I search for inspiring locations, dramatic weather conditions and encounters with wildlife. I paint in watercolour and gouache, using pencil crayons for foreground detail, and have recently added air-brush techniques to create subtle lighting effects and shadows. I like to use photography for reference, but prefer to...

    Dee Nickerson

    Find out more about Dee Nickerson

    It is usually late morning when I start to paint, working late into the night, stopping for supper and, while it’s daylight, to gaze out of the window. During winter I settle by the fire and wireless in the caravan I share with a partner and three feline muses. In summer I move outside, under the lean-to. Combining memory, imagination and observations of the changing seasons, weather, people, cats, dogs and birds, I elaborate on little moments of ordinary life seen at home, from my bicycle, i...

    Diana Ashdown

    Find out more about Diana Ashdown

    After completing an M.A in Printmaking, I decided to be more playful with my prints. I have always had an experimental approach to my work and have had fun devising new techniques to produce lino prints. Some of my ideas come from my imagination and retained imagery, for others I plunder landscapes and environments for architecture, interesting events and happenings. Horticulture has a particular interest for me. I reconfigure these images, simplifying the landscape into bold shapes. I use fi...

    Dotty Earl

    Find out more about Dotty Earl

    Hi! I'm Dotty and I'd like to welcome you to my Twirly World. I love to create colourful, contemporary artwork to, hopefully, brighten someone's day. I work with mixed media: watercolour with pastel and coloured pencil, with a smidge of charcoal and ink pen thrown in, to give a soft and whimsical feel. You might also notice that I like to include dogs in my Tall Stories. I like dogs, they make me smile - and I hope, in turn, my pictures do the same for you! Dotty's website

    E B Watts

    Find out more about E B Watts

    I love to paint. My mother was a lifetime inspiration, and teachers and friends have played a valuable part in my development. Sometimes the composition flows and is joyful, other times it is very challenging and difficult. My style is unique but various influences have inspired change over the years, particularly with regard to composition and balancing colour. My paintings range from animals to still life; I spend a long time thinking about subject matter and composition, sometimes I look a...

    Ellie Ling

    Find out more about Ellie Ling

    In childhood, I read Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden and my love of walled gardens was born. Now I create my own narratives set behind garden walls. This gives me a beautiful excuse to visit other people’s gardens and spend time in my own. Using drawings, photographs and memory as reference material, my paintings depict, through everyday incidents, the ancient idea of the garden as an earthly paradise providing joy, peace, pleasure and intimate moments of communication with nature...

    Faye Baines

    Find out more about Faye Baines

    Painting means the world to me; I appreciate every minute spent at my easel in my home studio, where I paint with acrylics on canvas in between tending to my lovely family and pet chickens. My work is largely inspired by nature and treasured landscapes. I live a long way from the sea and I'm drawn to recreating coastal scenes with swishy skies and swirly seas. My early work was largely floral and I still create bold botanicals when the mood takes me. Hopefully, my work can bring a little bit ...

    Geoff Hargraves

    Find out more about Geoff Hargraves

    Art wasn't a part of my life until after redundancy at 60, when eventually I realised I wouldn’t work again and had to find some activity. First, I tried printmaking, followed by acrylic painting and then in my 64th year I decided to try oil painting which is now my preferred medium. My love of the bush, the beaches and ocean influence my art. I paint every day in my home studio in Sydney Australia. Website Instagram

    Gerard Hobson

    Find out more about Gerard Hobson

    I grew up with a love of wildlife and art. In 1984 I qualified as a zoologist from Bangor University and worked for a few years for a Wildlife Trust as a botanist and illustrator. I then went on to work freelance as an artist. Some years ago I completed a printmaking course; I particularly enjoyed the technique of linocut which enabled me to develop my own style. I now work from my garden studio in York producing limited edition hand-coloured lino prints of birds and animals.  Website | Face...

    Gift Cards

    Find out more about Gift Cards

    Do you know someone who loves collecting fine art greeting cards? Why not spread a little love with a Green Pebble Gift Card and give them a treat? Gift Cards with a value from £10 + are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and are valid for 12 months. You can email them to the recipient, or print them out and post them. Either way, there's a world of art waiting for them when they come to redeem it!

    Gill Bustamante

    Find out more about Gill Bustamante

    I am a professional artist and I paint large contemporary landscape and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. My painting style is a fusion of Expressionist, Impressionist, Semi-abstract, Art Nouveau and something I term ‘memory impressionism’. This is where I go walking somewhere rural, look at and absorb the things I see and experience, and then come home and try to capture an 'echo' of the place from memory including any wildlife I may have seen. I have painted since I was three. It always ...

    Guy Warner

    Find out more about Guy Warner

    I am in love with the ancient landscapes of the British Isles. I love to capture the countryside through changing light, weather and seasons, and the vibrant colour palette I use is my way of conveying the joy I feel being out in nature. I take great inspiration from the art and design of the early twentieth century when stylish depictions of rural Britain flourished, especially in the form of tourism posters. Those designers used colour and form in a pure and powerful way and I wish to do th...

    Hannah Giffard

    Find out more about Hannah Giffard

    I live out in the sticks in South Norfolk and can often be seen walking my shaggy grey dog up Rookery Lane. I am always trying to observe the changing light for my paintings, whether it is the lime green of spring against stormy skies or the warm yellow glow of a summer's evening. My paintings are inspired by my surroundings, from hares in cornfields to stags on misty mornings. However, I am sometimes better known for my creation ‘Pablo the Little Red Fox’, a children’s animation series shown...

    Hannah Hann

    Find out more about Hannah Hann

    The places I have lived in (Shetland, Cornwall and Norfolk) influence my painting enormously in terms of colour and subject matter. I prefer to paint from memory, it helps me to reflect purely on what was interesting to me about that scene originally. I sometimes make quick drawings, these help embed visual memories for later use.Oil paint is my favourite medium and I love to use collage alongside it, making use of the contrast between the sharply cut edges and brush strokes. When painting, I...

    Helen Eaton

    Find out more about Helen Eaton

    Mine is a comeback story. Growing up, I either drew or stuck my nose in a book. Parental pressure tipped the scales in favour of studying English at university, where I met my lovely husband. Two kids and 25 years on, the arrival of our cocker spaniel Fudge inspired me to pick up my brush again. I work in oil, acrylic, watercolour and pencil. Colour is everything to me - in eyes, in fur and in background - but I also love capturing how animals behave and interact with each other and with the ...

    Helen Maxfield

    Find out more about Helen Maxfield

    I create limited edition handmade linocuts from my studio at the end of my garden. My designs evolve from observational drawings and photos from my trips out in the countryside and along the coastline. I look for textures in the landscape and enjoy devising ways to render them through linocut. I use the 'reduction method' where one piece of lino is used for the entire print and the picture is built up through layers of ink, with more lino being carved away between each layer. I make images th...

    James Green

    Find out more about James Green

    I love the immediacy of linocut prints, and the fact that you have to take risks when creating prints with lino-cutting. There is no going back! I also find that the lino has a life of its own and you‘re never completely in control of the process, which keeps me on my toes. My subject matters are generally UK wildlife, landscapes and, occasionally, donkey compositions. Outside of my personal work, I have created commissions for organisations including The Hepworth Wakefield and Sheffield Ch...

    Jane Dignum

    Find out more about Jane Dignum

    I studied Fine Art in Leeds and now live in York, where I create linocut prints and collages. I love the strong style that results from printing using lino. I draw inspiration from the city of York as well as my allotment, where I see the plants and animals which often feature in my work. I always have my camera with me so I can capture the images that I later use. As I produce multiples of prints, I use pieces of them to make collages. I enjoy deciding where each piece will go, experimenting...

    Janet Cleghorn

    Find out more about Janet Cleghorn

    I love colour and pattern and am a bit of a hoarder. My mixed media still life paintings feature ‘treasures’ – textile samples, china, old bottles - all collected over the years. Fruit and flowers are placed with these to give freshness to the arrangements which are often looked on from an aerial perspective. The importance of the fabrics and their construction within the paintings reflect my past in textile design. Working from home in a very cluttered studio, I now enjoy exhibiting across t...

    Jennifer Verny-Franks

    Find out more about Jennifer Verny-Franks

    Hysterical seagulls screaming with laughter,Kids dipping nets into murky green water,Bright little boats strain at ropes in the bay,Sailors by evening, accountants by day.Pale sulky boys, their girls who just giggle,Old ladies, thin ladies, ladies who wiggle,Mud-covered dogs, slurping with joy,Gran’dad in shorts, once again just a boy.Blue skies or grey skies, red skies at night,Any old time is a painter’s delight,Me with the sketchbook I keep in my mind,Busily scribbling the scenes that I fi...

    Jenny Hancock

    Find out more about Jenny Hancock

    Two of my happiest places are in my garden - planting seeds, growing flowers and veg - and in my studio playing with paints, inks, brushes and rollers. I live in a rural location and have a studio with doors opening onto my garden, through which I can see a damson tree hung with birdfeeders, my pond and the countryside beyond. From these I take much of my inspiration. Painting mainly with acrylics and oils, I also make multi-layered hand-printed lino cuts. I enjoy both processes, so some days...

    Karen Edward

    Find out more about Karen Edward

    Having gained a BA Hons in Drawing and Painting, I became a fulltime artist working from my studio in a wee fishing village. I love living next to the sea and walk my dogs on the coastal paths and beaches every day. I am inspired by all I see around me and I paint my favourite things. I work in traditional methods, first sketching, then painting in gouache, acrylic, watercolours and inks. I make all my own papers for collage pieces and I also work digitally on my computer painting on my Wacom...

    Katharine Green

    Find out more about Katharine Green

    I have always been inspired by the beauty of the English countryside and its wildlife. I originally studied Illustration at university and after graduating I worked in interiors and soft furnishings. I now work as an artist from home where my garden and the surrounding countryside in Hertfordshire give a constant source for my work, whether it is the latest flowers to blossom in the garden or the daily mischief of my cat as he explores his estate, causing mayhem wherever he goes. Katharine's ...

    Kerry Buck

    Find out more about Kerry Buck

    I have two dogs and if they don't get walked, they eat the furniture. So, we walk the countryside around my home in Norfolk. If you spot a lady in a high-vis jacket being pulled along by an enthusiastic labrador and a furry lurcher, a camera bouncing around her neck and with an armful of dry cow parsley, that will be me. Everywhere I look there are pictures: long-tailed tits in the brambles; a hare startled by our passing; and last year's cow parsley skeletal against a Norfolk sky. These are ...

    Laurie Rudling

    Find out more about Laurie Rudling

    I’ve walked, run and cycled across the British Isles and France for many years, drawing and painting and pursuing my interests in wildlife, archeology, history and our beautiful landscapes and towns. I’m especially attracted by the western fringes of Europe and the many islands of our coasts. I make delicate, atmospheric, copper plate landscape etchings and big abstracted, very textural, collagraphs - usually of birdlife and architectural themes. These I print by hand on my Bewick and Wilson ...

    Lisa Davies

    Find out more about Lisa Davies

    My days are spent sketching ideas and painting in my studio with my little Westie, Winnie, and my little cat, Nala. I paint away, with my radio on and my dog snoring at my feet! My work is inspired by the simple, every day pleasures in life like putting your washing on the line on the first warm day of spring, or sitting with a cuppa and listening to the birds in your garden. There is always a strong narrative and an element of humour running through them too, as I do tend to see the funny si...

    Lizzy Newcomb

    Find out more about Lizzy Newcomb

    I have always been inspired to seek out the natural and sporting worlds. Both my parents were creative, so paint, pencils and paper were treasured and always in my hands. Long country drives encouraged me to draw cows, horses, dogs and cats. I trained as a registered nurse but really wanted to paint, art is my passion and the day just doesn’t feel right without painting and drawing in it. I have a bright and beautiful garden studio and my little dog Ronnie Barker joins me as soon as our morni...

    Lynda Durrant

    Find out more about Lynda Durrant

    Native British flowers and wildlife are the main inspirations for my linocuts, I love observing them changing through the seasons. Living in Lewes with my family, we are lucky to have nature all around us with the South Downs right on our doorstep. I’ve always worked as a graphic designer and illustrator since graduating from Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, but a passion for printmaking is where the artist in me finds expression. My other life-long interest is Tai Chi, practising in t...

    Lynn Morgan Jenkins

    Find out more about Lynn Morgan Jenkins

    It begins with a verse. Arising spontaneously in a moment of joyous delight, words and rhythm take hold and for the next few minutes my mind is on little else. It’s then that I know I have my next painting. Born in Scotland, I now live in  England with my cocker spaniel, and together we’re early risers and keen runners. Life in the countryside offers an abundance of things to appreciate in the vibrant palette of the land, the comical creatures inhabiting it, and the quirky, warm-hearted folk ...

    Mandy Walden

    Find out more about Mandy Walden

    My images are my happy memories, both real and imagined. I am never happier than when I'm out in the landscape with my dog...by the sea on a stormy grey day, or down a country lane surrounded by lush, humming hedgerows, the sun high in a brilliant blue sky. But I am happy too as I turn memory to image, distorting size and perspective to weave a story of wildlife and landscape. A story to make folk smile! www.mandywaldenartistprintmaker.co.uk

    Mani Parkes

    Find out more about Mani Parkes

    The day-to-day sights that I see on the school run often inspire my paintings. Cycling through the higgledy-piggledy streets, I love the charming buildings and quirky characters that I see. I love nature; I love a beautiful pair of spotty wellingtons or a stripy scarf; I love moments that make me smile. Sitting at my living room table, I turn my simple sketchbook doodles into cheerful paintings. I like to use acrylic, combining my muted palette of chalky blues, greys and whites with an uplift...

    Marcella Cooper

    Find out more about Marcella Cooper

    Nestled deep in rural England, I can usually be found in the side room of our thatched cottage which I call my studio. There, with a dog on lap and another close by, I am either painting or carving out a lino cut next to the old mangle which I have converted into a printing press. I am inspired by simple daily life. Just before dusk is my favourite time, the moon highlighting the chase of the hares as the owl silently swoops. Then it is back to the warmth of the kitchen to settle down to list...

    Mary Carlson

    Find out more about Mary Carlson

    As a teenager, I drew fashion inspired by Mary Quant. In the 1970s, with three children, I started painting pictures for their nurseries. ‘Sponge Finger Island’ - a busy man in a sombrero hat – was my first framed painting! In the 1980s I started painting in gouache and oil chalks to create bright colourful sitting rooms and bedrooms; these sold well, some finishing up in Australia, Spain and south of France. Nowadays I love to paint fun quirky dogs in acrylics. Painting is a big part of my l...

    Mary Collett

    Find out more about Mary Collett

    Even as a small child I was always a fiddler and I love nothing better than the experimentation that comes with printmaking – there’s always some bit of old book or map or music that I feel I can add to my prints to make each one unique. My subjects are pretty much always animals or birds and I try to give each one their own character by adding a slight smile, a bemused look or pleading eyes. I work by cutting or ‘etching’ lino and then printing the image on damp paper through an etching pr...

    Mary Sumner

    Find out more about Mary Sumner

    I am fascinated by the process of picture-making. I start a painting from my sketchbook, usually from a hastily drawn pencil sketch of something I have witnessed on my walks and travels. In the studio I block in the composition with acrylic paint, building up texture and colour, sometimes with collaged material. I like to paint what I see around me in the countryside: situations I have ‘happened’ upon; creatures in the landscape; birds in the trees; gardens...anything that appeals, often t...

    Mig Wyeth

    Find out more about Mig Wyeth

    I’m still inspired by the creative buzz I enjoyed in my 40 years of teaching. Whether out walking, gardening, cycling along the Thames path, visiting friends and family or exploring New York’s Lower East Side, I take my camera, pens and sketchbook. I use my computer as a tool for drawing as well as to experiment with my photos. Cats have been constant companions throughout my life and often feature in my work. Publishing for a wider audience is an exciting new development, contributing anothe...

    Mike Smith

    Find out more about Mike Smith

    I'm a printmaker working through the medium of reduction linoblock. My work is always developed from my own observations around themes usually generated in Yorkshire. I use a ‘reduction’ process employing up to ten different colour printing stages but only one printing block. Printing is undertaken using an ‘Imperial’ letterpress, hand press or by burnishing with tools ranging from Japanese palm leaf barens to dessert spoons! I keep the size of my editions limited to a maximum of ten print...

    Natalie Rymer

    Find out more about Natalie Rymer

    My inspiration comes from my surroundings, living and working on the Ashdown Forest in England. My studio has views across the Forest with its deer, cattle and sheep; scenery which has inspired artists for centuries. The changing seasons have a strong influence on my paintings as blocks of colour, patterns and shapes inviting the viewer to continually explore the landscape. Natalie's Website

    Nick Wonham

    Find out more about Nick Wonham

    My art is inspired by my love of nature, walks in the countryside and the thrill experienced when seeing a wild animal in its natural environment. I also find inspiration in fairytales and nursery rhymes; I occasionally do a bit of my own writing, and have illustrated several fine press books. I specialise in relief printing, particularly linocuts, as it lends itself to bold composition and colour, and you can do it at home without needing too much fancy equipment.

    Nicola Stockley

    Find out more about Nicola Stockley

    Working with paint is never too challenging when you live surrounded by the beauty of the countryside. I find endless inspiration in the patterns found in the natural world and am often busy foraging in woodlands or exploring the coastline looking for new ones. I try not to work too closely with photographs as I’m fascinated with creating detail of my own design. Colour is also very important to me and I love to experiment with interesting colour palettes in my home studio whilst under the st...

    Rob Barnes

    Find out more about Rob Barnes

    I bought a violin in a jumble sale when I was aged fourteen. It soon became a real passion alongside my art work. I divide my time between printmaking, orchestral playing, and trying to keep our two cats away from my studio. Living half a mile from the river Yare in Norfolk, we look out across the marshes and fields. I like to use some imagination to complete my designs, rarely sticking with the original sketches. I have found that cutting lino needs an element of chance, so I leave some d...

    Sally Bruce Richards

    Find out more about Sally Bruce Richards

    Hares wait under windswept trees, bees and hummingbirds feed on heavy blossom. A silhouette of the fox on the horizon, big eyed owls watch over scampering mice. Hedgehog rustling in autumn leaves. Mine is a continuing story of enchanting artworks, all set against a gilded background. Each gilded original treasure is handmade using gold, silver and copper leaf with Japanese Rice paper on wood.

    Sarah Bays

    Find out more about Sarah Bays

    I am a printmaker living in Norwich with my husband, two children and our not always well behaved dog. I produce my prints from a small etching press on a tea trolley in an increasingly cluttered corner of my dining room. I find my inspiration in my surroundings: the Norfolk countryside, its wildlife, birds, farm animals and coast. I am often inspired by my morning dog walks; winter sunrises, the pattern of light through the trees and birds in flight silhouetted against the sky.  http:...

    Sarah Latham

    Find out more about Sarah Latham

    I was forever making and creating stuff throughout my childhood, I loved it! I studied A-Level Art & Architecture, did an Art Foundation course but then embarked on a career in marketing. In 2010, my inner-artist was finally unleashed when I moved to the countryside and my brushes came out full time. I mainly paint in gouache and am inspired by everything from architecture, people, flora, fauna and patterning, to recreating uplifting memories of inspiring places I’ve traveled to, alongsid...

    Sarah Pye

    Find out more about Sarah Pye

    With very little drawing to guide me, I work freely and intuitively, enjoying the excitement of using a pallet knife and heavy body acrylics to give each animal a look and distinctive character all of their own. With nature and photographs as reference - not forgetting a good splash of imagination - my animal personas are not exact representations; I hope to encourage the viewer's eye to explore the subject and to fill in with their own ideas the character of the animal depicted. www....

    Sharon Marie Winter

    Find out more about Sharon Marie Winter

    For as long as I can remember I have loved to paint and draw people - often solitary, invented characters in places drawn from memory. Every day I work from my studio; a lean-to overlooking a long garden with flowers, apple trees and a vegetable patch. I’m usually accompanied by my tiny little Jack Russell, Milly, who likes to sit on my lap when I’m working. In my studio, I paint and muse on the visiting wildlife and the lovely changing colours of the seasons.

    Sherry McCourt

    Find out more about Sherry McCourt

    There's almost nothing better than an afternoon of painting curly hair. I can get lost in the tendrils. It doesn't matter where in the world we live, or even if we've lived decades past, we all share many common stories and those are the ones I like to tell through paint. I live near a popular surf beach so that theme appears often, but I’m also drawn to recreating those quiet moments, like a woman reading an actual book, or a child blowing a dandelion and making a wish. Those are moments we ...

    Stephanie Lambourne

    Find out more about Stephanie Lambourne

    My paintings are quirky, light-hearted and colourful, peopled by unreal characters in sometimes strange and simple pursuits. I am inspired by the idea of putting figures into a landscape which instantly starts to suggest a narrative, whether it's the story I intended or another that the viewer decides, it makes no difference as long as it brings a smile.

    Tessa Newcomb

    Find out more about Tessa Newcomb

    I’m always out and about making lots of small drawings; capturing incidents and events. Back in the painting room, as I make paintings from them, a story emerges – like writing, really. A title completes the picture. I am very at home collecting my images from Suffolk’s harbours and allotments, but do like to be excited by smartness ... Bond Street shops, Parisian cafés. Drawing gives me a good reason to loiter in these places, taking in the atmosphere, noticing what’s going on. I call it my ...

    Tracey Esteves

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    I like to think of myself as a proactive and passionate visual artist who ‘mixes’ and ‘produces’ figurative, culturally Australian-inspired works. I typically reference Australian history and iconography and explore the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art, often in a tongue-in-cheek manner. My work appropriates, produces and mixes images - often from popular Australian culture - which merge high and low art and explore colour and shape. I hope to capture the viewer by p...

    Trisha Krauss

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    Since leaving art school, I have painted my way through New York, London and many tricky situations on both sides of the Atlantic. I never go anywhere without a weimaraner in tow. My current dog, Esther The Glorious, acts as my studio assistant, my therapist and my personal trainer. My work combines my love for pattern, buildings, furniture, fashion and all creatures great and small. My illustrations have appeared in magazines, advertising campaigns, children’s books and The New York Times. W...

    Valeriane Leblond

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    I find inspiration for my paintings on wild walks by the Irish sea and whilst wandering through the hills. I like visiting ruins, especially when it is forbidden. I love folk art, posh tea, farm cats. I also admire country folk, fishermen, housewives, and those who live off the land and the sea; especially their efforts and perseverance. My work, which is onto wooden panels, draws on the traditional Welsh way of life. My art brings me peace and serenity, and I hope it will bring it to you as ...

    Vanessa Lubach

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    I grew up in rural Oxfordshire and always felt compelled to draw. At art school in Brighton I studied illustration but my real love was always painting and printmaking. Observational drawing is the consistent thread that runs through my work. My linocuts are intricate and multi-layered and I hand burnish them with a humble spoon. I now live in Norfolk with my husband, three children, two chickens and a cat, who often appear as subjects in my work.

    Vida Pearson

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    Birds, birds, birds – yes, slightly obsessed. They are the inspiration for my linocuts, photography, travel and life in general….not just Aussie birds, although who cannot but love our iconic cockatoos ... it’s the colourful and quirky. I am drawn to birds that feel right for the medium. They’ve taken me to South Georgia, the Antarctic Peninsula, Iceland, Madagascar, Southern Africa and at least one field trip each year to outback Australia. I am also lucky enough to have plenty to choose fro...

    Zoe Elizabeth Norman

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    I am a keen gardener, so when not painting landscapes I enjoy painting gardens and flowers from some of my favourite places. I started painting with watercolours when my children were small due to lack of space. However, now having my own studio, I’ve enjoyed having the room to experiment exclusively with oil paints. I love the rich colours and expressive brush strokes I can achieve in this medium, painting in an impressionistic way, often starting with a bright pink background which contribu...