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    Here at Green Pebble we take great pride in our products and go to great lengths to make sure they reach you in pristine condition. However, we are also aware that single-use plastic is not desirable.

    Our greeting cards now come wrapped very simply in an 'eco band'. These bands are made from 100% paper but please consult your council to see if the size is acceptable within their paper recycling guidelines and whether you can add them to your recycling bin. Since every council is different, it is best to ask. 

    Other products may come in a sleeve made from a 100% biodegradable product called NATIVIA®. which is made from corn or other starch/sugar sources and is composted into CO2, water and biomass. Again, please consult your council to see if they can be added to your garden waste or recycling bin.

    Thank you for supporting us in these endeavours, we greatly appreciate it.

    Trade customers, please contact us.