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    Redeeming your loyalty points has become easier!

    However, please note, you need to have a Green Pebble account in order to earn and redeem our Pebble Points*. 'Guests' can't earn points.

    If you don't already have an account with us, please sign up/register here.

    As soon as you have logged into your account, the Rewards/Loyalty button in the bottom right hand corner of our website will show you whether you have points which can be instantly redeemed.

    Click on 'redeem' and the loyalty points will be applied to your basket!

    Can I use my Loyalty Points in conjunction with other money-off offers such a those applied automatically at checkout? No. You can only use one discount offer of any kind at a time.

    I changed my mind and didn't use my voucher. Will my voucher still be available? Yes. If you choose to convert your points into a voucher and then change your mind, your voucher will still be waiting for you to use next time (subject to relevant expiry dates).

    *Can I earn and redeem loyalty points when I buy original artwork, prints and gifts from the Artisan Marketplace? Sorry, no, these items do NOT earn loyalty points, and Loyalty Rewards CANNOT be redeemed to purchase them.