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    Green Pebble's Loyalty Club

    Sign Up Today
    (And Start Earning Points!)

    Some important things to read

    Pebble Points are awarded to registered accounts only, but don't worry, we'll give you points simply for signing up...and we won't share your details with any Third Parties.

    Once you have sufficient points, redeem them against a discount voucher, and use the voucher the next time you shop with us.

    The coupon is valid for one purchase and will expire after 6 months, so don't forget you have it! 

    How To Redeem Your Loyalty Points, Step-By-Step

    When you refer a friend, they too have to sign up for an account in order to redeem their coupon. Once they have made their purchase, you will be rewarded your referral points.

    What happens if they change their mind? You lose the points, sorry!

    Do Pebble Points expire? Yes, they expire after 365 days, but we will email you to remind you to use them up.